April 21, 2024

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$15 miljoen aan ethereum gestolen van Crypto.com na hack

$15 Million in Ethereum Stolen from Crypto.com After Hacking » Crypto Insiders

yesterday It has become so popular cipher exchange Crypto.com, an exchange like battle In the Netherlands, user registrations have been paused because several users have noticed certain suspicious activity. The exchange then indicated that the users’ funds were safe, but in the meantime it became known that a large amount of money had already been stolen by hackers.


according to blockchain security Company Peckshield, hackers managed to collect at least $ 15 million Ether (ETH) From Crypto.com hot wallet to steal. In addition, Peckshield notes that they tracked down the stolen assets and that they are currently being laundered by coin shuffle Denst Tornado Cash.

Several users contacted Crypto.com after they claimed to have lost cryptocurrencies, especially ether tokens. However, Crypto.com noted that the hackers did not steal any money.

Despite the fact that Peckshield has revealed that at least $15 million in ether tokens have been stolen from the exchange, Crypto.com CEO Chris Marsalek vehemently denies that client funds were stolen. It also indicates that an extensive investigation has been conducted into the causes of the hack.

Dent in a PR campaign

For this reason, many users on Twitter and clients of the exchange are very critical. According to many, the exchange was not fair and the communication between them and their customers was substandard.

This criticism comes at the time of a massive marketing campaign by Crypto.com. Recently, the exchange has spent massive amounts of money trying to put Crypto.com on the map all over the world. For example, in November, the stock exchange acquired equity Staples Center in Los Angeles for $700 million.

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