May 28, 2024

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2 of 2 for the Belgian Hurdles at the European Athletics Championships, Milanov in the waiting room |  European Athletics Championships

2 of 2 for the Belgian Hurdles at the European Athletics Championships, Milanov in the waiting room | European Athletics Championships

On the third day of the European Athletics Championships, a lot of attention will of course be given to the performances of Nafie Thiam and Noor Fedetz in the heptathlon. In the 400-meter hurdles, Dries Van Nieuwenhove and Nina Hespel both managed to struggle through the series. Filip Milanov has to wait a little longer for the results of the other group to know if he made it to the final in discus.

The Belgians at the European Athletics Championships on August 17
hour Athlete number/discipline
Nafie Thiamy hept follow here
Norwegian Fedet hept follow here
Dries van Neuwenhof 400m Hurdles Series 50″ 85 (19, to HF)
Nina Hespel 400m Hurdles Series 56″ 72 (X to HF)
Philip Milanov Disc qualifications 61.04 meters
9.40 pm Dylan Burley 400m final
10 pm Cynthia Bolingo 400m final

  1. 13:00: Slight improvement for Milanov. Philip Milanov adds a few centimeters in his last attempt. He finished the race at 61.04 metres. He is sixth in his group. Is that enough to reach the top 12 with the finalists? .
  2. It’s 13 am 01. Milanov shoots 60 meters well. With 60.43 metres, Philip Milanov remains well below the limit at the moment, but is currently sixth in his group. .
  3. 12:00 59. Milanov’s zero throw. Philip Milanov does not score on his first throw. He still has two attempts to get to 66m (or get to the top 12). .
  4. The time is 12:00. In the discus throw, world champion Christian See, Nuta Penny in the qualifiers, threw a championship record of 69.06 meters. A few centimeters further than Paul Malachowski at the European Championships in Barcelona in 2010. Of course, the Slovenian advances directly to the final. Soon it will be up to Philip Milanov on his first try. .
  5. 11 am 56. Hespel made it. In addition to direct seed Paulien Couckuyt and Hanne Claes, we had a third Belgian with Nina Hespel in the 400m semi-finals. She ended up staying with the second lost time behind her name. .
  6. 11 am 55. Watch the series Hespel 400m barriers.

    Watch Hespel Series 400m Hurdles

  7. 11 am 42. Hespel 5. Nina Hespel is fifth in her playoffs at 56’72. She has the second losing time currently, while only allowing 3 times to lose. In the next two rounds, No. 4 may run faster.
  8. 11 am 39. It’s time for Nina Hespel. Can Nina Heispel do the same as Dries van Neuwenhof in her series of 400m hurdles? She runs in the first series. The first three places are enough for the semi-finals. .
  9. 11:00 29. Van Nieuwenhove: “Mission accomplished, we’ll see where we finish tomorrow.”

    Van Nieuwenhove: “Mission accomplished, we’ll see tomorrow where we end up”

  10. 11 a.m. 25. Watch the Van Nieuwenhove 400-meter hurdles series.

    Watch the Van Nieuwenhove series from 400m hurdles

  11. 11 a.m. 20. Van Neuenhof there. Dries van Neuenhof runs the 50′ 85 in the 400m hurdles series, good for third in his series and a direct ticket to the semi-finals. She will be running tomorrow morning.
  12. 11 am 12. 400m hurdles. We started with the 400m hurdles series, first with the men and then with the women. Soon, in the third and final series, we’ll see Dries Van Nieuwenhove in action. Can he reach the semi-finals? .
  13. 11 hours. Watch Thiam and Vidts series of 100m hurdles.

    Watch the series 100m Hurdles from Thiam and Vidts

  14. 54th o’clock. Wiedets and Thiam on 2 and 3. After the 100m hurdles, the Belgian women immediately reached the virtual medal positions in the heptathlon. Norwegian Vidts (second) and Nafi Thiam (third) just had to make way for Swiss Kälin. Following the powerful Anouk Vetter right behind him, Emma Oosterwegel (Bronze in Games) was unfortunate after falling into an obstacle. .
  15. 09 h 39.
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