March 2, 2024

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2000 euros, and yet these ridiculous “leg boots” from Louis Vuitton are causing outrage on the Internet |  Nina

2000 euros, and yet these ridiculous “leg boots” from Louis Vuitton are causing outrage on the Internet | Nina

The fashion world is full of strange shoes today. Think frog clogs from JW Anderson or cartoon shoes from MSCHF. Luxury brand Louis Vuitton is also jumping on the bandwagon. For €2,000, you can now show off with a set of new legs on your feet. Suspicious Or cool? The Internet isn’t there yet.

This fall, the greatest designers took inspiration from surrealism, resulting in strange and absurd scenes. Clothes or shoes with optical illusions have become popular on the catwalks this year.

And now Louis Vuitton is participating too. The French fashion house debuted a collection of unique shoes at its fall/winter 2023 collection show in Paris. And people on social media love it.

Completely handcrafted, in two skin tones

Meet the Illusion High Boot, a knee-length boot shaped like a high heel with a sock and shank. Specially designed to enhance the appearance and Feel From a real leg wearing stockings and pumps. The surreal shoes are available in two skin tones — yes, that’s what we thought — and also come as a shorter ankle boot.

Louis Vuitton’s Illusion Ankle Boot and Illusion High Boot on the runway during Paris Fashion Weeks. © Victor Virgil/Gamma Rafo via Getty Images/Swan Gallet/WWD

Both shoes are handcrafted from calf leather and hand-painted in Italy to create the most realistic trompe l’oeil effect, according to the luxury brand’s website. Additionally, each pair has a zipper at the back, a leather outsole, and is embossed with LV’s initials.

Its price? A huge sum of 2000 euros. But anyone thinking of getting their hands on such a special shoe should act fast, because the white high-tops are already sold out. Ankle boots are still available on the website. Just like both shoes in dark skin tone.

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“Now I look like a doll”

Fashion influencer Isabelle Allen, known as @izzipoopi to her 1.4 million followers, thought she had to own such a bizarre fashion piece. Yes, I ordered a pair of expensive shoes. Although the design proved to be quite a challenge. “This is so weird,” she said in her first video, which has had 3.6 million views, looking at herself in the outfit and shoes. “It’s almost scary. My legs look like a doll.”

In a second video clip, she tries on the shoes under a black short skirt. This turns out to be a winning combo. “These are the perfect Polly Pocket shoes,” she says. “So cool.” “I thought I was going to return these shoes, but now I want to keep them forever.”

Many social media users don’t like “trendy” shoes. “Perfect for when I’m wearing a skirt but don’t want to shave my legs,” one joked. “You had better than them “fake shoes” Mentioned,” writes another. “This is proof that it doesn’t matter how ridiculous the product is. “If it comes from a luxury brand, people will buy it,” one person responded critically.

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