March 5, 2024

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2023 Javier Cyclocross World Cup Preview |  The King of Blubber Van Aert wants to offer Van der Poel a match

2023 Javier Cyclocross World Cup Preview | The King of Blubber Van Aert wants to offer Van der Poel a match

After two days of heavy eating, we'll continue the busy calendar on December 26th! The best athletes from men's and women's cross country meet again in Javier, after their last match on Saturday in Antwerp. In the leader's shirt Provides preview.

Latest Cyclocross World Cup winner Javier

2022 Matthew van der Poel / Shereen van Anerweg
2021 Lars van der Haar / Lucinda brand
2020 Tom Pidcock / Lucinda brand
2019 Elie Esserbet / Yara Castelin
2018 Matthew van der Poel /Alice Maria Arzufi
2017 Wout van Aert/Ellen van Looy
2016 Matthew van der Poel / Sunny was
2015 Wout van Aert/Sani Kant
2014 Klaas Vantornot/Sani Kant
2013 Sven Ness/Sani Kant

Course, weather and times for the 2023 Gavere Cyclocross World Cup

Back on Boxing Day, Gavere is a classic on the cross-calendar. In 2022, it was part of the World Cup calendar for the first time and the UCI seemed to like it. With the victory of Mathieu van der Poel and Shirin van Anrooij, the organization was unable to file a complaint last year. The sport's top athletes will also be at the start after Christmas dinner this year.

Jhaveri is a tough ride, with one steep incline that regularly causes chaos. There is also a lot of climbing. When wet, the trail usually turns into a very tough cross, with several tough mud strips on the side. Walking or cycling? There was no clear answer last year.

The weather is expected to be nice in Javier on December 26, when we… Rain radar might think. Sun and 8 degrees on Boxing Day, which will invite you to come and have a look! In the days leading up to the cross, there is usually not heavy rain, so the path will not turn into a mud puddle.

Women's start: 1:40 pm
-Ladies’ end: 2:30 pm
Men's start: 3:10 pm
-Men's End: 4:10 p.m

Favorite for the 2023 Gavier Women's Cycling World Cup

despite of Wim van Empel She says she hasn't felt good in recent races, and that doesn't stop her from winning. In fact, she won the previous cross in Antwerp with great conviction. That will scare off the competition, as the multiple winner has yet to reach her highest level. In Javeri, Van Empel can claim her twelfth win with twelve crosses.

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also Celine del Carmen Alvarado They had previously recorded an impressive winning streak this season, but Van Empel was unable to beat them in a direct match. The fact that she lost by nearly a minute and a half to her compatriot on Saturday will not boost her confidence. On the other hand, the difficult track in Javier should suit her better than the sandy areas in Antwerp.

Bookbeaters He has yet to achieve the highest level on a cross bike. In the seven races that the Dutch champion ran this season, she was always on the podium, but every time one or two were the best. Will she be able to turn things around on Boxing Day? Lucinda brand He has also been on the podium in recent weeks. Unlike Pieterse, she managed to win several times.

2023 Javier Cyclocross World Cup Preview |  The King of Blubber Van Aert wants to offer Van der Poel a match

Winner of the previous edition in Javier, Shereen van Anerweg, has had a difficult season so far. However, her level is growing, as evidenced by her second place finish in Mall and sixth place in Antwerp. On a difficult cross like Javier's, she will have more opportunities to make up for her often poor start. Outside podium candidates include Denis Betsema (Paulus Sosin-Bingol), his teammate Leonie Bentfield, Angie van der Heijden, Manon Bakker (Krillan Corendon), Marie Schreiber (SDWorks), Zoe Backstedt (Canyon/SRAM) and Annemarie Wurst ( Cyclocross Reds).

Women's cyclocross World Cup favorite Javier, according to In de Leiderstrui

Top favorites: Wim van Empel (Jumbo-Visma)

Celine del Carmen Alvarado (Alpecin Dissoninc), Book Peters (Phoenix Dissoninc), Lucinda Brand (Balloise Trick Lions)

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Long shots: Shereen van Anroweg (Balloise Trek Lions), Inge van der Heijden, Manon Bakker (Krillan Corendon), Marie Schreiber (SDWorks), Denise Betsema (Pauls Sosin-Pingol) and Annemarie Wurst (Cyclocross Reds).

Favorite for the Javier Men's Cycling World Cup 2023

This is currently the case for men Matthew van der Poel What matters is. Since his last return, he has already won three races, with an edge that no top athlete could ever dream of. Already in the first part of the crosses, the Dutchman left his rivals with no chance at all, and then completed the race as a time-honoured racer. Van der Poel has already won three times in Javier and it must be crazy if there isn't a fourth.

If anyone can prevent another victory, it's him Woot Fan Art. Although, unlike his rival, he is not at his best. This is deliberate, given the plethora of goals on the way in 2024. However, the Jumbo-Visma racer is currently in good form. He won the cross in Essen and was best of the rest in the previous two crosses behind van der Poel. The course at Javier certainly suits the Belgian better than the quick crosses of Antwerp and Moll.

to Tom Pidcock The “Big Three” of the Cross are fully present, just as in the previous Cyclo-Cross in Antwerp. There the Briton suffered a major setback. During the reconnaissance, he made painful contact with a pole and quickly fell after the start.” However, Pidcock rode a good finish, which took him to eighth place. In the end, not bad at all for the crucians, who certainly don't like sand strips. Pidcock actually won the Jaffrey in 2020 and was already victorious in Namur earlier this season. Expect the man from INEOS Grenadiers to be in the lead on Tuesday!

Tom Pidcock 2

Elie Esserbet He gained a lot of confidence from third place in Antwerp behind Van der Poel and Van Aert. And on the course he said it was not designed specifically for him. Could the Jeep make it more difficult for the best candidates? Together with his teammate and European champion Michael Vanthornhout, he could form a dangerous duo. Thibaut Ness has returned to Antwerp after taking a break due to back problems. With a ninth-place finish, his comeback was certainly not without merit. He may be able to take things a step further on Tuesday.

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Lorenz Swick He's still looking for his best form, but a fourth-place finish in Antwerp seems to be a harbinger that this is on the way. Holland has more assets besides Van der Poel. what about Pim ronhar And Joris Nieuwenhuis. They have a total of three World Cup wins this season and should be able to cope well with Javier's run. Their teammate Lars van der Haar He had a good start to the season, but he was unable to compete for the podium, especially in the last races. Among the possible surprises on the podium are Britain's Cameron Mason, Belgium's Gerben Kuipers, and Spain's Felipe Orts.

Women's cyclocross World Cup favorite Javier, according to In de Leiderstrui

Top favorites: Mathieu van der Poel (Alpecen Desoninck)

Strangers: Wout van Aert (Jumbo-Visma), Joris Nieuwenhuis (Paulways Trek Lions), Tom Pidcock (Ineos Grenadiers) and Elie Iserbyt (Pauls Sosin-Bingol)
Long shots: Pim Rønehaar, Lars van der Haar, Thibaut Ness (Baloise Trek Lions), Michael Vanthornhout (Pauls Sosin-Bingol) and Lawrence Swick (Krilan-Corindon).

Cyclocross Gavere TV World Cup 2023

The Javier World Cup will be broadcast on several channels. Eurosport There through Eurosport 1 From 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm. Sporza He chooses VRT For the same broadcast times. You can also see the cross online at And across