July 21, 2024

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27 more bankruptcies in the Antwerp region

27 more bankruptcies in the Antwerp region

Yesterday we published a list of 20 bankruptcies. Today the court will issue 27 more rulings. The overview provides the opportunity for creditors to make a claim.

  • Kaya Packaging Company (BVBA)Traditional production of fresh bread and pastries (Burcht-Zwijndrecht). Coordinator Vermeersch Na.
  • Construction Solutions (CommV), General construction of residential buildings (Murcel). Coordinator Van Alvin Ma.
  • (BVBA Chemistry Systems), Other specialized scientific and technical activities (Antwerp). Coordinator Van DeNabel Joe.
  • Eurotelecom (BVBA), Wireless Communications (Burgerhout). Coordinator Van DeNabel Joe.
  • Ismail Mustafa (Birkim). Coordinator Van Kaengem Wei.
  • Pqm² (BVBA), other business management consulting firms; Business management consulting companies (Kapellen). Amine pronyl gram.
  • Chalet Park de Wildertsee Roost (BVBA), Development of residential construction projects (Essen). Coordinator Devereux D.
  • Flully (BVBA)– Limited service restaurants (Capeline). Curator van Minnisel A.
  • Ensa (BVBA), other retail trade of food products in specialized stores, n.e.c. (Deurne). Coordinator Brunel L.
  • Auto Parts Store (BVBA), wholesaler of cars and light trucks (Brecht). Curator Verhaegen Kr.
  • Piglet (BV)Retail sale of meat and meat products in specialized stores, with the exception of game and poultry meat (scuten). Coordinator Devereux D.
  • Iksan Travel Agency B.V. (BO)Wholesaler of non-electrical household appliances (Braskhat). Amen Orleans California.
  • DVZHR (VZW) (Antwerp). Curator van Minnisel A.

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  • Etienne says, Other works related to building finishing (Wuustwezel). Coordinator Vermeersch Na.
  • Brasserie Contino (BV), cafes and bars (Antwerp). Amin Router Ph.D.
  • Churro House (BV)– Full-service restaurants (Burgerhut). Coordinator Jacobs Lee.
  • Azat (BVBA), General Construction of Residential Buildings (Merxim). Curator Van Morlighem St.
  • Barisal (BVBA), General construction of residential buildings (Antwerp). Curator Van Morlighem St.
  • ‘t Seek Voeding (BVBA), Wholesaler of fish, crustaceans and molluscs (Antwerp). Coordinator Hendricks J.
  • Gaza– Full-service restaurants (Birchem). Curator of Chicken Street.
  • Hovial (Comm.V), commercial intermediation in fuels, ores, minerals and chemical products (Zwiercel). Coordinator Matthiessen B.
  • Wiclima Invest (NV)and renting and leasing of machinery, other tools and other material goods (Antwerp). Amin Router Ph.D.
  • PLG Boom Belgium (NV), Asset Management (Antwerp). Coordinator Devereux D.
  • Henry and Jules (Comm.V), advertising agencies (Murcell). Curator Snapfangers St.
  • Be Awesome (BVBA), other human health care, n.e.c. (Zoersel). Amin Minsel A.
  • Algeria yay (Antwerp). Amin Vanhout N.
  • Multisource Consulting (BVBA)Providing advice to users about computer hardware types (hardware), their configuration and the application of associated software (software) (Wilrijk). Amin Sils Fay.
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