May 27, 2024

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3M "immediately implement" the ban on water discharge |  interior

3M “immediately implement” the ban on water discharge | interior

Chemical company 3M received the safety measures imposed by the environmental inspection on the company in Zwijendrecht on Friday after a thorough inspection. “We are committed to implementing it without delay,” she said in response. “However, we maintain our position that our business operations do not pose any risk to the environment.”

Flemish Environment Minister Saturn Demir (N-VA) announced Friday that 3M Environmental Inspection prohibits the removal of process water from PFBSA-containing operations to its water treatment plant. 3M shall “treat the process water using BAT” and may not commence operations themselves without giving two weeks’ notice of the inspection. The company shall also keep a detailed inventory of the quantities of process water being produced and collected for the duration of each production cycle of the respective processes.

“3M recently upgraded its wastewater treatment system and we take samples regularly to continue testing its effectiveness,” 3M continues in its response. “We reiterate that we continue to invest in the latest technology for water purification. 3M will continue to work closely with all relevant authorities and to keep them transparent on all improvements to our water treatment plant and production operations.”

According to Demir, the safety measure will continue to be applied until 3M can demonstrate that necessary measures have been taken to reduce the presence of PFBSA, MeFBSA and MeFBSAA substances in industrial wastewater at the company’s site to an “acceptable level”.