April 15, 2024

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4Gamers – Show of Hands Preview |  Make a decision about life and death in the military hospital

4Gamers – Show of Hands Preview | Make a decision about life and death in the military hospital

In War Hospital from developer Brave Lamb Studio SA, we are tasked with managing a hospital in northern France during World War I. The goal is to save lives so you should not expect to go to the battlefield yourself. You can get an overview of the village as you slowly expand it with new buildings or improve existing ones. All so you can provide better care for the soldiers who are streaming in, because the casualty evacuation station is where wounded soldiers arrive. This is where the hard work starts for you, because you have to make choices.

You have a limited supply of medications, but also staff. You can’t save everyone and you have to leave some injured people to fend for themselves. To help you with this, each soldier gets a score, what type of wound he received, and what the success rate was. It is difficult for a person with a low chance of survival to justify saving because you may waste medication when you could save someone else. You have to solve a puzzle with wounded soldiers, and in this way you can move some people in the queue, which also affects their probability of survival. You can put aside people you don’t want to help, which can be difficult, because every soldier has a backstory.

You may see that you only rescue the soldiers with the best rank, but War Hospital has a morale system that you must maintain. If this reaches zero, you lose and can start over. Every action you take affects this system, and the higher your rank, the greater its impact. Both doctors and nurses also have their own strengths and weaknesses, and some have their own preferences in where they want to work. It is best to follow this, otherwise fatigue can set in quickly. You can also provide doctors and nurses with new things, because this way you can upgrade different buildings. You can do this via a technology tree that you can gradually pass through, but you need resources for this. Some resources can be crafted directly at camp, but you can also obtain them via a train that follows a set schedule with occasional interruptions. The goal is to get the wounded soldiers back on their feet before the German attack is launched.

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