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5 App Store gems that won’t look out of place on iPhone and Mac

5 App Store gems that won’t look out of place on iPhone and Mac

Each week at OneMoreThing, we highlight a number of apps that won’t look out of place on your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch. For your convenience, we’ll be listing App Store pearls at the end of the week.

This week we’ve picked out some pretty shimmery pearls from the App Store for you. From sending an easier mail to creating your own news feed.

App Store Pearls of the Week 12 2023

By collecting mailboxes, compiling content on YouTube, building your news page, bringing up old memories and constantly performing activities. We got a lot of goodies from the App Store again this week. Read it all in detail below.

#1 Spark Mail on iPhone

Especially if you have many mailboxes to consider, Spark Mail is very useful. This app lists all your emails from all your inboxes and also has quite a few additional features.

Think, for example, of deferring and scheduling emails, automatically sorting incoming emails (if you have a premium) and sorting emails by priority. Spark Mail is full of features that you can use to use.

#2 Pocket tube

If you watch a lot of YouTube, PocketTube can still help you out a bit. The iPhone app (and browser extension) allows you to group channels and watch those groups separately. This way you can always know what’s new on a particular topic.

iPhone and MacBook PocketTube app is a must have for YouTube
Hoplakee, just make a bunch of them. (Photo: Dima Nabok / Pocket Tube)

With a very nice dashboard for organizing your favorite channels, groups and playlists, this app is definitely one to have look He deserves.

#3 Feed

Tired of news pages like Google News? Then with FEED on iPhone you can organize your homepage with the sites, subreddits and newsletters you find interesting.

But that’s not all, Feed on iPhone offers a long laundry list of extra features at a great price… nothing! View the application here.

#4 Memorizer on iPhone

We all have fond memories. Whether it’s related to a place, a movie, or anything, Memorizer doesn’t matter. The app allows you to add and rate all kinds of notes. This way you make a to-do list and at the same time collect all your happy memories in one place. Definitely worth it He deserves So.

#5 Habbit group

And finally, HabbitKit. This iPhone app creates colorful schedules that you fill in yourself by marking your chosen “habit” each day. It’s a simple concept that you can customize extensively. You can get started right away, and then expand the app a bit with Premium features. Check out the app here.

The App Store Gems of the Week: TickTick, Clearspace, all on your iPhone

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The App Store Gems of the Week: Spark Mail, Feed, and more on your iPhone

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