May 26, 2024

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5 apps to enhance your old, faded photos with AI

5 apps to enhance your old, faded photos with AI

If your photos aren’t as sharp or crisp as you’d like, you probably wish there was something that could help you fix this with artificial intelligence (AI). After all, not everyone is the best photo editor with access to the best photo editing software.

Fortunately, it’s 2021 and you have access to a lot of simple photo editing apps not called Adobe Photoshop, if you know where to look. Even better: you don’t even have to search, because we did it for you. Here are five apps that can enhance your photos with artificial intelligence.

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1. Rimini

Remini is one of the most popular photo enhancers in the App Store. The app provides instant photo enhancement to convert blurry or grainy photos in high definition along with other editing features including “colouring” and “oil painting”.

Remini can be downloaded for iOS employment Male appearance.

2. PicPlus


Picplus markets itself as “the photo editor for both experienced and novice users”. Besides improving the quality of your photos, PicPlus also provides aesthetic filters, animation filters, a layout creator for creating collages, and much more.

PicPlus can only be downloaded for iOS.

3. Insansilvox


EnhanceFox features image enhancement features, along with an “AI-powered colorization tool, which can colorize your black and white photos to make them look better.” Interestingly, you can also use the app to animate photos by adding eye and mouth movements, making your photos look really alive.

EnhanceFox is available for download for iOS employment Male appearance.

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4. Move


Animatify uses AI to enhance your photos with the touch of a button. The application can also colorize black and white images, add animations, and add various effects.

Animatify can only be downloaded for iOS.

5. Tengu


Tingo is an AI-powered selfie enhancer that enhances the quality of your selfies with automatic correction, eye bag remover, smoother skin and even whiter teeth! So those of us who struggle with coffee/tea addiction (me included) can spice up our smiles without thousands of dollars in dental treatment. Although it is less popular than others.

Tingo can only be downloaded for iOS.