April 15, 2024

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5 tips for a luxurious home look – Wel.nl

5 tips for a luxurious home look – Wel.nl

A luxurious look is possible in every home. Even without the use of expensive furniture or interior designers. There are a number of simple tips with which you can make sure that your home exudes luxury.


Pictures of friends and family in your home may look cozy, but they’re not luxurious. To create luxury in your home, art is one of the easiest ways. A pretty plate or unique table piece does a lot for the look. It is important not to hang too much as this looks messy.

material use

The look of your home improves when you use the right materials. For example, materials such as marble and granite exude luxury, but shiny metallic objects should not be forgotten either. Think of one Crane of gold in the kitchen or bathroom. The gold color already exudes luxury, but the dull color takes away from that luxurious look. This is why it is wise to go for gold metallic things only if they are shiny and maintain their shine.

Lots of space

It is often said: “less is more” and this also applies to your home design. The busy design makes your home look messy, so there is nothing but luxury. If the interior of your home is simple, but not empty, you will have a luxurious atmosphere in your home. Helps to use large pieces of furniture. As a result, less should be placed in the room while the room does not look empty.

Avoid screens

Using the TV is a daily ritual for many people. However, a big TV in your living room doesn’t exactly exude luxury. For this reason, it’s smart to put the TV in a closet or hide it behind doors. This way you can take them out whenever you want, but they won’t be an eye-catcher for the interior of your home.

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the plants

By involving nature in your home, your home looks more luxurious. Think of large indoor plants that will decorate your home, but also a pretty bouquet to put on the table. This gives your interior a “fresh” touch and your interior is less likely to have an empty look. You can also use fake flowers so you don’t always have to get fresh flowers from the florist. You may think that they are not really luxurious, but fake flowers are increasingly difficult to distinguish from real ones.