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5 x Harry Potter magic is overtaken by science

5 x Harry Potter magic is overtaken by science

Twenty years ago, we were open to witnessing the magic of Harry Potter, and now we are applying it to our lives. Five scientific examples we could not have imagined at the time.

Twenty years ago it turned Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, the first film in the series, is still in full theaters. Rowling masterfully designed by J.K. Rowling. But over the years, science has not stood still and many magical applications have become a reality.

Magic from Harry Potter has been overtaken by science

From the cloak of invisibility to the mirror we watch; Five magical innovations that science has overtaken.

1. Invisibility cloak

In his first year at Hogwarts, Harry Potter gets an invisible cloak as a Christmas present. The cloak appears to have belonged to his father, James Potter, who gave it to Dumbledore before his death. But of course you already know that.

Harry Potter invisibility cloak, innovations, Harry Potter
(Photo: Warner Bros.)

Even more interesting, scientists at the University of California have also managed to make such a mantle, albeit a small one. The “shell” is made of magnesium fluoride and contains gold nano-antennas. Scientists who Research At Berkeley Lab we have succeeded in making microorganisms invisible.

The “mantle” measures only 80 nanometers (a nanometer equals one billionth of a metre). Carrying out this experiment on a large scale still costs a lot of money.

2. Live Photos

You know the papers and picture frames from Harry Potter, with the pictures in which people and things move. Well, it also exists in real life and we are not talking about digital photo frames.

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Harry Potter, magic, science, live images

Nothing but Prynt brings your printed photos to life with the help of a new instant printer. The company uses augmented reality to make images “live”.


You may know the company from their portable instant photo printers that you can connect to your phone. In fact, with the Prynt app, these images come to life. More information on this can be found at This article. Ubersnap something similar. This allows you to print images that come to life when transferred.

3. The Marauder’s Map

Marauder’s Map is a map obtained by Harry Potter from the red twin brothers Fred and George Weasley. It’s a blank card, but with the spell “I solemnly swear I have nefarious plans” you can see on the map who’s at Hogwarts.

The acronym, Harry Potter

The app reminds us Mantle – social meaning. The app, now a thing of the past, also collected location information from your friends, but used it for the opposite reason to similar apps: the app gave a warning when your acquaintances were close to you, so you could hide yourself. There are still similar applications.

4. Harry Potter Flying Car

in a Harry Potter and the Secret ChamberThe second part of the series, Harry Potter is late for the train to Hogwarts due to annoyance at the house of the elf Dobby. But in a flying Ford Anglia, the Weasley brothers later picked him up. After a road trip, Harry and Ron finally arrive at Hogwarts in time by car.

Harry Potter flying car
(Photo: Warner Bros.)
Harry Potter magic flag flying car
(Photo: Pal-V)

The first real flying car went on sale in 2017. Company Pal in From Ramsdonkvere he was primarily responsible for this. In the event of an emergency, the plane can also land on a 30-meter-high site, similar to a tennis court. Due to the possibility of folding the rotary blades, the car can also drive on public roads.

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5. Mirror Nergb

in a Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone A wizard’s pupil is also introduced to a smart mirror. The Nergup mirror only shows the person looking at it what they desire most. Many people have already suffered in front of the mirror, fascinated by what they saw. Others went crazy because they didn’t know if what they were seeing was possible or not.

mirror nargup, magic, science, harry potter
(Photo: Warner Bros.)

The latter happened to us when we were DUO . Smart Mirror Saw for the first time. It is a mirror controlled by artificial intelligence. The smart mirror has a voice assistant named Albert, but you can change his name, gender, accent and voice.

Albert tells you all about the weather and gives you clothing advice. Plus, you can stream music on command, read the news out loud, open apps, take photos, play videos, control the lighting in your home, and control dozens of other functions. Check also file Top 10 smart mirrors from 2022.

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5 x Harry Potter magic is overtaken by science