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5G is not yet the standard, and 6G is already coming: why?  And when?  |  My guide

5G is not yet the standard, and 6G is already coming: why? And when? | My guide

independentIn recent years, there has been a lot of buzz about the (slow) rollout of 5G in our country. But while 5G is still a current topic here, the next generation of wireless communications – in the form of 6G – is already coming into play elsewhere in the world. What does 6G have to offer and when can we expect the technology to arrive? independentbender.b Discover.

Written by Felix Verret, in collaboration with Independent


Complete possibility

Enthusiasm around 6G mainly revolves around the big improvements over 5G and 4G: faster data speeds, lower latency (Delay in data transmission over the network, ed.)Improved reliability and wider coverage. While 5G has been a necessary first step for the development of technologies such as augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), the Internet of Things (IoT), and artificial intelligence (AI), 6G is the key to unleashing the technology's potential. These techniques make optimal use of techniques.

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Unprecedented speeds

The 6G network will provide data speeds dozens of times faster than current 5G speeds, as well as lower latency. The lower this latency, the better for many applications: real-time communications, self-driving vehicles, or advanced healthcare technology.

There is no doubt that 6G will further connect our world: from smart cities to smart agriculture and advanced industrial processes. Experts agree that the 6G network will play an essential role in shaping future society.

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When will 6G appear in our country?

We will have to be patient for a while, because we are not yet using 5G as a standard. The main reason for the slow rollout is the late auction of frequencies in our country. This happened in June 2022. Before operators could start building and equipping new 5G transmission towers, they first had to wait for the outcome of this auction.

Fortunately, there are more and more areas where you'll find 5G coverage, but the rollout is still ongoing. You'll mainly find 5G in and around major cities, just like on the coast. Elsewhere, you'll have to make do with 4G for now, although there are still blind spots in Flanders.

advice: during This map You can check what the 4G coverage looks like. Depending on your network operator, your network coverage may be better or worse in your area. This will be no different for 5G. So changing service providers based on network coverage is not a meaningless idea.

In this case, you don't pay much for your mobile subscription: You can find formulas starting from €7 per month via the comparison tool.

To be patient

Although some telecom providers already offer a 5G network subscription, this is not yet the case as standard. Since the 5G rollout in Belgium is still in its infancy, not all telecom providers offer such a formula yet.

Given the relatively slow rollout of 5G, it is difficult to predict when 6G will be available in our country. Based on the 5G rollout timeline, 6G will arrive sometime within the next decade, experts predict. In Belgium, this transformation will happen gradually, unlike the Asian and Gulf countries.

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