May 30, 2024

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6 Stunning Earrings That Will Earn You Lots of Compliments (Now at a Big Discount)

6 Stunning Earrings That Will Earn You Lots of Compliments (Now at a Big Discount)

Are you ready to steal the show? With these six gorgeous earrings from Otazu you are guaranteed to receive lots of compliments. Seize your chance now and get these amazing items at a huge discount. Order 2 sets and get an additional 15% discount.

6 eye-catching earrings from Otazu

These trendy and geometric earrings are made of high quality 24k gold plated. Whether you are going to a party or to the office, these gorgeous earrings add an elegant touch to any outfit.

Earrings from Otazo

From 74 euros to 22.50 euros

How about these rose gold earrings? Blush Rose Swarovski Crystal is a great addition to your outfit and can be worn any time of the day. Moreover, it is finished with 24 karat gold.

Rose gold drop earrings from Otazu

From 99 euros to 66 euros

Rose gold drop earrings from Otazo

Add a touch of bohemian flair to your wardrobe with these gold flower earrings. They are lightweight and allow sunlight to pass through beautifully. Nice for summer.

Otazu gold flower earrings

From 41 euros to 27 euros

Gold flower earrings

These gold pearl earrings feature a classic and timeless design. Adorned with Swarovski pearls and plated with 24-karat gold. Perfect for combining with any outfit.

Otazu pearl earrings

From 89 euros to 59 euros

Otazo pearl earrings

Shine like a real star with these gold earrings. It is studded with green and purple Swarovski crystals and plated in 14-karat gold.

Otazu crystal earrings

From €49 to €19.95

Otazu crystal earrings

Steal the spotlight this summer with Otazu Ida turquoise earrings. A timeless addition to your jewelry collection. Very cute for summer.

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Otazu turquoise earrings

From 85 euros to 19.95 euros

Otazu turquoise earrings

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Text: Susan de Backer