June 13, 2024

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99 jobs are at risk at Konings

99 jobs are at risk at Konings

During the special works councils in Sonhofen and Bourgloon, the beverage bottling company Konings announced its intention to review its organisation. “To keep the company healthy and future-proof, production equipment and support services are being checked,” says company spokesman Bert Goevaerts. “These measures are necessary to arm the company against the ongoing recession in the beverage market. This means the loss of 99 jobs out of a total of 505 employees.”

“In recent years, Konings has experienced significant growth and has continually invested in expansion,” says Goevaerts. “New production lines, including a new can line, were added to expand activities. This led to a historically successful year in 2022. But like many other companies, Konings also faced challenges, including the after-effects of the Corona crisis, energy crises Inflationary explosions caused by geopolitical reasons are what led to market turmoil and a continued decline in demand, which led to a significant reduction in the volumes that had to be filled by the major beverage brands. In addition, two major customers decided to do this for reasons completely independent of quality production at Konings, to withdraw its production in whole or in part.”

“Intense efforts to meet the challenges of the current market situation have not yielded sufficient results so far. For this reason we express the intention to review the organization, with the aim of keeping the company healthy and future-proof. Konings has the intention to adapt its organizational structures to the needs of the current market and this may have an impact on both Support services and production equipment.

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specific? “We have previously taken measures, such as reducing our 5-shift system to a 3-shift system in Breda. We are also looking at measures for the Sonhoven and Borgloon areas. We aim to retain as many jobs as possible and will work closely with everyone involved to make these The process is as transparent as possible.