June 20, 2024

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A Belgian wins the Euromillions Grand Jackpot and can add 145 million Euros to his account

A Belgian wins the Euromillions Grand Jackpot and can add 145 million Euros to his account

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The numbers were 11, 13, 24, 35 and 50 and the stars 6 and 11. Those are the winning Euromillions numbers on Tuesday evening. Only one person got all of these numbers right. It is not yet known who he is, but the winning ticket has definitely been sold in Belgium.

The lucky winner will soon be able to add exactly 144,966,361 million euros to his account. Only in 2016 (168 million) and 2017 (153 million) did his compatriot win a larger amount. The 2016 victory went to a street sweeper from Brussels, the identity of the 2017 winner is unknown.

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The Euromillions jackpot also fell to our country on December 6 last year. Then, in one fell swoop, 165 residents of Ulmen became at least €866,000 richer because they earned €143 million through a combination in the De Pershoek newspaper trade. The winning numbers were then 12, 20, 25, 26 and 27 – and the two stars – 8 and 12. Exactly the numbers the shop and its customers have been playing at Euromillions for years. Mayor Johan Lissen stated earlier: “In times of corona, war in Ukraine, and crises, this is a bright spot.” But this is very good news for the whole municipality and beyond. Because these people will spend their money. Many people will be able to enjoy it. They will eat or drink well sometimes. Help yourselfI’ll do it anyway.”

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Euromillions was founded in 2004 and is a collaboration of nine European lotteries, who want to pay out higher winnings than is possible with national raffles. Since then, dozens of Belgians have won the jackpot, the National Lottery reports.

When the winner goes to the store with their ticket and enters, a winner’s voice is heard and asterisks appear on the screen, along with the National Lottery winner’s routing cell phone number. Then a date is set, without announcing the exact amount. And the owner of the seller himself does not know about this either.

The National Lottery advises winners to remain anonymous. “People also realize that something special has happened to them, and that they have to deal with it very consciously,” says the National Lottery. We also ask them to remain calm. As far as possible, of course.