February 5, 2023

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A couple escapes under the guard of a Dutch quarantine hotel, in ...

A couple escapes under the guard of a Dutch quarantine hotel, in …

Dutch police arrested a couple in Schiphol on Sunday who had escaped from a quarantine hotel. The couple were caught on a plane that was about to take off.

Both people were taken to the GGD.

A police spokesman said it was related to the hotel in the Kenmerland region where South African travelers who tested positive for the virus are being isolated. The hotel’s private security guards ensure that guests who must remain in seclusion also comply with this. Outside, the police make sure that no one enters the hotel and has nothing to look for.

It is not clear how many infected travelers from South Africa are still in the hotel. Security will also remain as long as guests are isolated in the hotel. No one can go home and stay in isolation there unless there is a “protected move”.

A total of 624 passengers who arrived in Schiphol from South Africa on Friday were tested for coronavirus. Of those, 61 cases were tested positive. The omikron variant of the coronavirus has so far been found in 13 people, but the investigation has not been completed in all those who tested positive.

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