May 21, 2024

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A Dutch soldier was killed in America by a man who "was looking for a fight" |  Abroad

A Dutch soldier was killed in America by a man who “was looking for a fight” | Abroad

The 22-year-old, who was arrested by Indianapolis police on Monday in connection with Saturday’s shooting that killed Dutch soldier Simi Boytsima, is said to have been part of a group that went out to fight that evening. This is clear from court documents seen by the local Indianapolis Star. Two other Dutch soldiers were wounded in the shooting.

Police announced that Shammar Duncan, as the man from the rowdy group is called, is accused of murder. The attorney general has not yet decided whether Duncan will be formally charged.

The newspaper reported that a witness saw on the other side of the street that Duncan’s group had previously quarreled with a group of other men and pushed one of them. However, this group did not allow itself to provoke, after which Duncan and his comrades tried with the Dutch commandos. According to the witness, one of the fighters was shot down, after which another shouted that he would be given a “belt,” a slang word meaning a firearm. The groups separated and shooting occurred moments later.


The shooting was done at the army’s free time. It is alleged that there was a brawl in a bar before the shooting. This was announced by the mayor of Indianapolis, local media WRTV and IndyStar reported earlier this week.

According to Mayor Joe Hogsett, police have a “good idea” of what happened. “As I understand it, there was an altercation in a pub, after which the Dutch soldiers went back to their hotel. I don’t know exactly what they were doing outside together, but I was told that there was shooting from a speeding car and that there were three victims. They fell.”

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Dutch soldiers maneuver in Indiana. More Dutch soldiers remained at the hotel where the shooting took place.

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