May 26, 2024

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A hilarious parody of the Nobel Prizes with a mix of anchovies and bored teachers

A hilarious parody of the Nobel Prizes with a mix of anchovies and bored teachers

For the fourth year in a row, the IG Nobel Prize award ceremony will be an entirely online event, “due to the COVID-19 pandemic.” Apparently, organizers still estimate that the risk of coronavirus infection in the United States is higher than it is here, where mass gatherings have once again become a daily practice. So the traditional theater, the Sanders Theater on Harvard’s campus, remains empty for the 33rd Annual Ige Nobel Prize Ceremony.

The organisation, as always, is led by Mark Abrahams, editor of the equally satirical science magazine Annals of Improbable ResearchNever miss an opportunity to make corny jokes.

For the online ceremony, they came up with a PDF trophy that could be sent electronically so the award winners could collect it themselves. This way they can collect the award remotely from the real Nobel Prize winners who folded such a paper cup.

Unlike the real Nobel Prize, a specific discovery is not rewarded, but rather brilliant articles published in the scientific literature.

This year ten won awards. For example, the Communications Prize went to an international team that mapped the brain activity of test subjects who spoke backwards. The medicine prize went to pathological research by another international team that inventoried whether the same number of nasal hairs had grown in the nostrils of twenty deceased people (ten men and ten women). Result: There is an almost equal distribution with an average of 120 hairs in each nostril.