February 26, 2024

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A man enters coach Vincent Kompany's room before the start of the decisive match, Burnley begins an investigation |  Premier League

A man enters coach Vincent Kompany's room before the start of the decisive match, Burnley begins an investigation | Premier League

A striking incident before the start of the Burnley-Everton match last Saturday. A visiting fan entered the room of coach Vincent Kompany and his teammates at Turf Moor. According to the Daily Mail, Burnley have launched an investigation to determine how an unauthorized person could enter the room so easily.

“An eventful one awayday“, calls him Everton fan @Poggymac87 on X (formerly Twitter). Say it.

Before the start of the basement match in the English Premier League, the man caused a commotion in the Burnley coach's room, where he was not supposed to be. This also became clear to everyone in the room when he suddenly asked to take a selfie with Kompany's assistant coach Craig Bellamy.

“One of the coaches asked me to give him my smartphone,” said one Toffees fan on Channel X, who wrote that he was just looking for the toilet. Then an angry Bellamy escorted me outside. As a keepsake, the fan quickly snapped a selfie with the Welshman – and also proudly shared the snap with his followers afterwards.

According to the Daily Mail, the man was able to cross from the away section to the room in question, where the coaches were busy preparing for the final match. “He would simply walk through an unguarded door, and before he knew it, he was there,” wrote the British tabloid, which also reported that Burnley were investigating how it could have happened so easily.

The Everton fan incident is not the only thing that bothers Burnley, who lost 0-2 without a chance. There were also problems during the match due to the presence of a large number of visiting fans in the home sections. “This led to scandalous scenes, with children even crying and screaming. “The stewards did nothing,” Burnley fan Andrew Greaves, who has been receiving a lot of support, wrote on Channel X. “It's certainly not the first time so many away fans have appeared in the home sections. Do better, Burnley.”

“We are aware of the issues and have immediately launched an internal investigation. We would like to assure our fans that their safety is our top priority and that the situation on Saturday was unacceptable.”

Burnley is in last place in the English Premier League with only 8 points from 17 matches. Based on the historical standings in the Premier League, there is a 100% chance of Burnley being relegated. There is no team left that has scored 8 points or less after 17 matches in the top flight.

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