March 3, 2024

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A month in a residential care center now costs €2,100  local

A month in a residential care center now costs €2,100 local

Not only can residential care centers index their rates to inflation, but they can also increase their rates as well as increase lifespan. Until recently, new centers were free to do so, while existing centers must seek approval from Flemish Social Welfare Minister Hilde Krevits (CD&V). In consultation with the sector, Crevits announced earlier this month that new nursing homes would no longer be allowed to simply increase their rates. They must justify it on the basis of the costs they incur.

This should help prevent prices in residential care from rising too quickly. Between May 1, 2022 and May 1, 2023, they rose on average by 9.97 percent to €70.15 per day or just over €2,100 per month.

In more than half of the 819 Flemish residential care centres, the price has risen faster than the inflation rate over the past five years. In some nursing homes, you have to pay nearly 5,000 euros to stay there for a month. Belle Epoque in Knokke tops the list, with a daily rate of €160 (€4,800 per month), followed by Silverduin in De Haan (€3,600) and James Ensor in Ostend (€3,540). The cheapest residential care center is Sint-Josef in Antwerp, with a daily rate of €40 (€1,200 per month).

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