June 14, 2024

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A Moroccan court tries 65 migrants after storming the Spanish enclave of Melilla |  Abroad

A Moroccan court tries 65 migrants after storming the Spanish enclave of Melilla | Abroad

The Moroccan court decided to try 65 migrants, mostly Sudanese, for their participation in the storming of the border crossing between Morocco and the Spanish enclave of Melilla. This is what their lawyer says. At least 23 migrants were killed and 140 police officers were injured in the storm.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office of the Court of First Instance in the Moroccan city of Nador, bordering Melilla, accused 37 immigrants of illegally entering Morocco. Their lawyer, Khaled Omeizah, said they are also accused of using force against law enforcement authorities, armed assembly, and refusal to obey.

Ameza said a second group of 28 migrants will face charges of joining a criminal gang to organize and facilitate illegal immigration abroad. The lawyer demanded the conditional release of all the accused, but the prosecution refused to do so due to the seriousness of the facts.

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Highest death toll

On Friday morning, nearly 2,000 migrants tried to force their way into Melilla. At least 23 migrants without valid papers were killed. Moroccan authorities said 140 officers were also wounded. Even the Moroccan Organization for Human Rights (AMDH) mentioned 27 illegal immigrants who died.

The border crossing is often broken into. But the death toll has never been this high. According to the Moroccan authorities, the migrants died “in danger and fall through the iron gate”. The authorities also say the migrants used “extremely violent methods”.

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