May 30, 2024

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A new building for a fast-growing family business

A new building for a fast-growing family business

10-year-old cleaning company Globo Clean has purchased a building in Genk to house its offices and warehouse. In the meantime, the children of director Tiziana Donfrio have also acquired a taste in this sector!

Globo Clean was started 10 years ago by Tiziana D'Onofrio, who started a cleaning company from scratch after a long career with the Belgian Army and the city of Beringen. “I initially did a small acquisition, so that I already had a permanent base, and then I started building the network very intensively,” she says. “I am convinced that you can create and expand a business by making the right connections. The more people you know, the faster your order book will grow.”

Globo Clean is the best proof of this. Nearly 50 people now work there, doing both large and small cleaning tasks. “Our great strength is that we serve every client with the same care,” explains Tiziana. “Whether it's a big company where we have to clean every day, or a small company where we have to clean for an hour every 14 days: it doesn't make a difference to us. It's a way of working that is greatly appreciated.”

Director Tiziana has now been augmented by her two children to run the company. Maurizio and Rosita Vandendreis have been around for a while. This ensures long-term sustainability.

The company's growth also forced Globo Clean to move to a larger location. “We were able to buy the Drukkerij Cornelissen building in Evence Coppéelaan,” says Tiziana D'Onofrio. “Perfect, because we have much more space for both offices and warehouses. Renovation work will start soon, so we can officially move in in October. This makes the dream come true, because I have set myself the goal of working in my own building after 10 years, one goal that can be crossed out from list, but make no mistake: there are still plenty of challenges and milestones to come!

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