July 19, 2024

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A passenger takes his friend to court

A passenger takes his friend to court

A passenger has filed a lawsuit against her boyfriend after he failed to take her to the airport.

The New Zealander will attend a concert with a number of friends. She arranged with her boyfriend to take her to the airport. Her boyfriend agreed, and also agreed to watch her two dogs. The woman had texted him the day before that she needed to be picked up between 10:00 and 10:15 a.m. local time. When it came time to pay, the man failed.

This negligence was not well received by the passenger, especially since she was unable to reach the airport on time. She missed her flight and had to buy a new plane ticket. In addition, she had to incur additional travel expenses, arranging a shuttle to the airport and temporarily boarding her dogs somewhere.

Before the judge

For this reason, the passenger took to court her boyfriend, with whom she had been for six and a half years. She said he “intentionally caused it to explode” and that the verbal agreement was “legally valid.” However, the judge did not agree. “Partners, friends and colleagues make social agreements, but they are unlikely to be legally enforced unless both parties do something that indicates an intention to stick to their promises,” the judge ruled. Watchman. The judge stressed that the nature of the promises was “exchanged as a normal give and take in an intimate relationship” and that there was no intent. The relationship…did not continue after this incident.