February 28, 2024

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A religious teacher is on tour again with a show about Easter

A religious teacher is on tour again with a show about Easter

The driving force behind the project is religious teacher Tim Lagay. Two years ago he had the idea of ​​creating a complete experience of the biblical story, preferably the Passion Story. “This of course is nothing new. Just think about it the desire Or all kinds of meditation walks during Holy Week. However, I wanted to create something where people are not outsiders, but insiders.'

Once the idea took hold, Tim began writing and composing as well as looking for people to collaborate with. “Then we looked for parishes and local communities that wanted to organize the parade.

That led to the first round last year.

This seems to have been appreciated, because several parishioners from our diocese also jumped on the bandwagon this year.

Admired from the beginning

Marina Decin, parish assistant for the pastoral unit of Sint-Germanus Ardooie, is already a fan. “Last year we wanted to organize a show in our pastoral unit. However, we wanted to see it first with some of the team in Bruges. The interplay between sound, lighting, project and music, as well as highlighting the different characters, drew us as spectators into the story.

The last scene was very touching.

In order to allow more people to experience the Passion story in this way, this year's performance will be given on Good Friday at St. Martin's Church in Kohlskamp.

An ode to the imagination

What makes a performance unique? “While writing the script, we paid attention to the living environment and the experience of the characters,” explains Tim. What did Pilate have in mind when he condemned Jesus? How does Jesus' suffering enter Mary's mind? What about Peter who claimed he would always defend Jesus and then said he didn't know Him? Such questions formed the basis of the scenario. Furthermore, the characters are not physically present during the performance. They are brought to life through sounds, including that of Ingeborg Sergeant this year, and appropriate decorative elements. The reason for this is that we do not want to create stereotypes. Thus who the spectators “see” sitting in the four chairs will be largely determined by their own imagination. This means that everyone experiences the performance in a different and therefore unique way and can show an innovative vision of the emotion story.

New this year is an adapted demonstration of installation, which can be used during installation instruction.

Its content is very similar to that of adult shows, but the dialogues have been reworked into more digestible language. “Plus, the show only lasts one hour,” Tim confirms. “This way it remains possible for everyone.” All songs are sung in Dutch and the lyrics are shown on television. So just one hour of time with Him and for Him during Lent isn't too much to ask for, right?

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You can request a performance in the church via [email protected]. More information at www.xamen.be