September 30, 2022

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A rise in intensive care, a possible plateau in the hospital ...

A rise in intensive care, a possible plateau in the hospital …

800 patients were reached in intensive care. This is evident from the preliminary figures of the Sciensano Health Institute on Friday. At the same time, hospital admissions appear to be gradually reaching a potential stabilizing point – although whether that will actually happen remains to be seen.

Between November 26 and December 2, there were an average of 317.9 new arrivals per day Hospital stay As a result of the Covid-19 virus. That’s 4 percent more than the previous week, but less than the seven-day average on Thursday.

A total of 3,707 patients are currently still infected with the virus in Belgian hospitals. That’s 29 less than Thursday, but compared to the week before, it’s a 7 percent increase. In intensive care units there is a strong increase to 821, or 23 percent on a weekly basis.

Between November 23 and 29, with an average of 17,862 new Coronapsmetingen registered. This represents an increase of 6 percent compared to the previous seven days. The Happening every two weeksWhich indicates the number of new cases per 100,000 residents, comes to 2106.1.

On average, 119,500 tests were performed per day with a positive of 16.2 per cent. He. She reproduction number It fell 9 percent to 1.03. If this number is higher than 1, the strength of the epidemic will continue to increase.

According to the latest figures from Sciensano, the delta variant is still ubiquitous in our country.

in the same period Died An average of 44 people per day contract Covid-19. This is a 23 percent increase on a weekly basis.

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75% of the Belgian population is double to feed or you have received an injection of the Janssens vaccine. On December 1, 1,792,310 people were already in Belgium Boosterprik Owns. The effects of that fatal blow are already being felt in the Breathing Rest Houses again.

For more numbers, please visit the Sciensano dashboard.