February 28, 2024

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A “semi-naked” party imposes a fine on a Russian influencer

A “semi-naked” party imposes a fine on a Russian influencer

Ivleva in court

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The judge fined the hostess of a “semi-naked” party in Moscow 100,000 rubles, or just over 1,000 euros. The famous actress, presenter and influencer Anastasia Ivleeva had previously apologized through tears for her role in the controversy.

The concert was organized a week and a half ago in one of the nightclubs in the Russian capital. Famous faces of Russian entertainment were challenged to appear in as tight clothes as possible. This means underwear or see-through clothing, and rapper Nikolai Vasiliev was wearing only a strategically placed sock.

When photos of the ceremony emerged, people spoke of it as a disgrace, because the ceremony was considered inappropriate, especially in wartime. Critics included conservative politicians and bloggers promoting Kremlin views.

The pictures showed what happened at the ceremony:

“Naked party” with Russian stars in Moscow: “Disturbed”

Several prominent attendees publicly collapsed. Ivleva said she was sorry that “things got out of control” and pledged to donate the money she earned from ticket sales to charity. Singer Lolita Miliavskaya defended herself by saying that it was a difficult year and everyone wanted to let off some steam. “But it went wrong.”

Popular singer Philip Kirkorov swore that he did not know what kind of concert it was. “Sometimes you walk in through the wrong door,” was his defense. “I left.”

The storage is not over yet

In addition, there are several lawsuits pending regarding the party. Rapper Vasiliev has already been sentenced to a fine of 200,000 rubles and 15 days in prison for his sock clothing, on charges of misconduct and “gay propaganda.” Ivleyeva could have received a five-year prison sentence for the charges, but she escaped punishment with a fine.

However, her fine is not the end of the matter for Ivleeva: angry citizens have sued her for moral damages and are demanding that she transfer 10 million euros in damages to the war chest that supports the fighting in Ukraine. The judge will rule on this later.

Ivleva at the party