June 12, 2024

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ACV wins absolute majority in social elections!

ACV wins absolute majority in social elections!

Today FPS WASO announced the results of the social elections. These numbers are not quite final yet, because some results still need to be processed. The lines are clear. Nationally, the Voluntary Work Association obtains no less than 55% of the seats in the prevention and protection committees and 53% of the seats in the workers’ councils!

“ACV candidates are doing excellently. We note that the ACV party won the social elections by one vote Absolute majority Seats for committees and work councils In a convincing way he have had won”.

“Admittedly, it’s a lot less exciting than a football competition, but we’re very proud of this clear result!” says ACV President Anne Vermorgen. “And what really pleases me personally is that Feminized From our group of delegates Complete“.

“the building And Solution-oriented approach It is clear that ACV reps are appreciated by the employees. This gives courage in times of massive social polarization and individualism,” concludes Chairman of the Board Anne Vermorgen.

ACV would also like to expressly thank everyone for the smooth running and smooth implementation of the social elections. Thanks to the Minister of Labor and his Government, FPS staff, colleagues from trade unions and employers and of course in particular thanks to the candidates and everyone who voted, a very strong foundation has once again been laid for social dialogue in companies for the next few years.

View results here (or below) based on the latest data from FPS

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Read the press release dated 05/30/2024: ‘ACV wins absolute majority in social elections! (PDF)