April 16, 2024

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"Added Netflix subscription will not allow you to download content to watch offline"

“Added Netflix subscription will not allow you to download content to watch offline”

Netflix is ​​working on a new type of subscription. This subscription will be cheaper than the current prices, but you will see ads between series and movies. Bloomberg Find out that with this subscription it will also not be possible to download series and movies to your mobile phone to watch them offline later.

Anyone with a Netflix subscription knows how convenient it is to download a few episodes of your favorite series or movie before taking a long plane or train trip. By downloading the content, you can watch it offline, and therefore also at an altitude of kilometers above the earth’s surface. But it looks like that won’t be possible with the new subscription that Netflix plans to launch early next year.

Netflix with ads

by Netflix disappointing numbers for the first half of the yearThe streaming service is working on ways to turn the tide. It will attempt to do so, among other things, by introducing a new type of subscription. It is located around a cheaper formula, which should be accessible to more people. But you will see ads.

And that’s not all. Because Bloomberg I detected a phrase in the Netflix app icon on my iPhone. It states that “Downloads are possible for all plans, except for Netflix with ads.” In addition, the code also states that users with an ad plan will not be able to clear the ad.

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Netflix has already responded with results Bloomberg. A representative said the following. “We are still in the early stages of figuring out how we will launch this low-cost advertising plan and no decision has been made yet. At the moment this is just speculation.”