September 28, 2022

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Extra Covid-maatregelen vanaf zondagmorgen: geen binnenactiviteiten meer met uitzondering sportactiviteiten

Additional Covid measures from Sunday morning: No more indoor activities except for sports

The press conference regarding the new Covid-19 measures has just ended. The number of infections and hospitalizations with the Corona virus is declining in Belgium, but the Omicron wave is on the way.

Indoor activities such as conferences, indoor amusement parks, bowling alleys, escape rooms, etc. will be closed. Sports activities may continue, but the public is not allowed inside or outside. Museums, libraries, regular swimming pools and fitness rooms can remain open. Cinemas, theaters and concert halls must close again. Tents will now be banned for outdoor events.

You can go to the store with a maximum of two people (minor children are not included) and one customer is allowed per ten square meters. There will be more control over the flow of people into the shopping streets and Christmas markets.

Measures related to food did not change. You can go to a cafe and restaurant with a Covid Safe Pass. Entering the new year in the restaurant will not be possible since the mandatory closing time of the catering industry at 11 pm will still be in effect.

Prime Minister Alexandre de Croo (Open VLD) is relieved that we can celebrate Christmas together, but urges everyone to be as careful as possible. “After a year of tremendous efforts, we were hoping for a different Christmas. But let’s go back to last year’s Christmas. Then restaurants and cafes closed, shops and hairdressers closed and we couldn’t see each other. This year is it possible. We will be able to celebrate Christmas Birth together. But do it with the utmost caution: limit the number of people, do a self-test and ventilate as much as possible”, said Prime Minister Alexandre de Croo.

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Thus, the equestrian sport is not subjected to further concessions. Matches may continue indoors without an audience. So we can keep looking forward to the last competitions of the year!