March 4, 2024

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[adv] GIGABYTE offers enterprise servers and motherboards on its European e-commerce platform

[adv] GIGABYTE offers enterprise servers and motherboards on its European e-commerce platform

[Advertorial] GIGABYTE Technology, a leading PC company, has taken an important step in shaping its European business model. GIGABYTE today launched its e-commerce platform, shop.gigabyte.euhas expanded by incorporating enterprise server solutions and server motherboards into its product portfolio.

As a leading PC manufacturer, GIGABYTE recognizes the need to expand its presence in the EMEA region to maintain its leadership in all markets. With the introduction of our enterprise-level server and motherboard solutions, we are committed to delivering a diverse range of high-performance products directly to our B2B customers.

GIGABYTE offers a complete product portfolio that addresses all workloads from the data center to the edge, including traditional and emerging workloads in HPC and AI to data analytics, 5G/edge, cloud computing and more. Sustained partnerships with key technology leaders ensure that new products are at the forefront of innovation and launched with new partner platforms. GIGABYTE systems embody performance, security, scalability and durability.

Within the e-commerce product portfolio, GIGABYTE offers a selection of models from the Edge, Rack, GPU and Storage series. Additionally, the platform provides server motherboards for custom integration. The current selection consists of a mix of solutions designed specifically for online sales. For more complex solutions, customers can contact us via the integrated contact form.

In addition to offering our business solutions online, our e-commerce platform provides free shipping, live customer service, technical support, and shares the latest news and event information.

GIGABYTE's future plan is to develop and innovate the platform to include more business products specifically designed for European markets. Stay tuned for updates and exclusive offers as we continue to revolutionize the digital landscape with our innovative solutions.

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