March 4, 2024

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Advanced Cat-and-Mouse Game: Escape BVs from Laura Tesoro, Jamie-Lee Six, and Maarten Cop in "The Hunting Season" |  Television

Advanced Cat-and-Mouse Game: Escape BVs from Laura Tesoro, Jamie-Lee Six, and Maarten Cop in “The Hunting Season” | Television

TelevisionStay out of the clutches of four hunters for four hours. This is the purpose of the new TV show “Hunting Season”, which will be shown on VTM. Sam Juris, Sven de Ridder, and Goga Pyle, among others, will be on the run.

In “Hunting Season,” seven famous Flemish duos try to stay out of the clutches of Laura Tesoro, Jamie-Lee Six and Maarten Cop for four hours. They have a high-tech minivan and a GPS tracker that sends the scammers’ location data every 10 minutes. Known fugitives are allowed to arrange two lifts in advance, but receive nothing else. No cell phone, no money, no tools, and absolutely no pity. They are not allowed to sit in the same car for more than 20 minutes, they can only take cover in public buildings and they are not allowed to take off their bright orange clothes. So we welcome all the help from casual passersby and a serious dose of creativity. Sam Gooris, Sergio Quisquater, Sven De Ridder, Gunther Levi, Cathérine Moerkerke, Hannelore Simoens, Guga Baúl, Chris Van Espen, Jens Dendoncker and Jeroen Verdick will all attempt to escape.

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Although it won’t be easy for them: “Our goal is not to let any BV escape,” says fighter Laura. “We really have to think about the future and get ahead of them one step at a time.” Jamie-Lee adds: “We won’t let you down, because I really don’t want to leave any BV free. Thousands of investigative techniques are running through my head.” Martin also drifts away in the search: “Hijacking a bus, fleeing in a sports plane, … some brands bring out the craziest tactics and tricks. After the first shots I saw orange all over. I was getting a little crazy in my head (laughs). These The game won’t let us go!”

Hunting Season is a Flemish TV and YouTube remake of the same name in the Netherlands. It is not yet clear when the program will be shown on VTM.

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