July 25, 2024

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After 2030, it’s not just electric vehicles

After 2030, it’s not just electric vehicles

From 2030, Ford will go All electric In Europe, the brand has been proudly announcing it for some time now. This is five years before the European Union’s ban on new combustion engines. Now it seems that the claim about the near future of electric cars is not set in stone.

Car news europe He quotes German Martin Sander, General Manager of Ford Europe: “If there is strong demand, for example, for plug-in hybrids, we will continue to offer them after 2030.”

Electric car sales are disappointing

It’s no surprise that Ford is deviating from its ambitious electric goal, as demand for electric vehicles is somewhat disappointing. Electric vehicles can only be sold with significant government incentives. If this incentive disappears, demand for electric cars will decline, as we saw earlier in Germany.

Ford has already canceled a number of popular models

By then, there won’t be much to choose from unless the brand pulls out the old myths. Due to green ideals, the Fiesta, S-Max and Mondeo had to be discontinued.

The focus will also end soon, as Martin Sander said very firmly earlier. Anyway, who knows, maybe Ford will come back to it now that EV sales don’t seem to be as great.

Not everyone agrees with the ban on petrol engines in 2035

As an electric car hater, this message sounds hopeful, but don’t be under any illusions. From 2035 onwards, there will be no combustion engine in existence. At least with the gasoline engine in new cars. After all, this is what the European Union decided.

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Not everyone supports this plan, and the way it is being implemented became clear when we spoke to Sigrid de Vries, Director General of ACEA. “With the progress we are seeing now, this is not realistic,” she says.

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