May 27, 2022

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After the toughest Formula One finale ever: Car safety rules have now changed |  Formula 1

After the toughest Formula One finale ever: Car safety rules have now changed | Formula 1

Formula 1The more than infamous Abu Dhabi Grand Prix from December 2021 will have another tail. After investigating the remarkable conclusion, the FIA ​​has decided to amend the rules regarding the safety car. Not “any car” but “all cars” in the rear must pass the safety car before the race can resume. Lewis Hamilton will undoubtedly smile in green.

The mystery was especially big in the last race in Abu Dhabi. Crazy final stage. It was first pointed out that the retarded (between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton) were not allowed to overtake the safety car. After that, only the five between Hamilton and Verstappen were allowed to pass the safety car. For example, race director Michael Massey created a crucial final lap in which Hamilton lost to Verstappen. The latter won on newer tires to eventually crown himself world champion.

This whole story tasked FIA President Massey, and the FIA’s promise to Mercedes, which logically does not quite agree with this conclusion, an investigation. On this basis, the Federation is slightly modifying the rules. From now on, all wrap cars must first pass the safety car and only then will the race be resumed.

“If the track leader deems it safe to do so, and the message ‘followers may now overtake’ is sent to all competitors via the official messaging system, all vehicles the leader makes will be required to follow the lead and overtake the safety car,” the official regulations now read.

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