June 20, 2024

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Age of Empires IV - Inleiding Review

Age of Empires IV – Inleiding Review

Age of Empires IV

As far as we’re concerned, Age of Empires IV is exactly as expected and hoped for. It plays as usual, although it also has nice innovations, which is good news for existing players. Microsoft and Relic did a great job of listening to the community by choosing the Middle Ages as their era, based on the successful Age of Empires II. At the same time, the question is whether this part will become as popular as its brilliant predecessor(s), because the game world has become much faster. So don’t expect an innovative RTS that will turn the world upside down; It is still a matter of extracting the right resources and strategy to defeat the enemy.

24 years after the first and 16 years (!) after the last part, a brand new version of Age of Empires came out. After a definitive version of every part was released in recent years, essentially an improved one, it’s finally time for a true sequel: Age of Empires IV. Well, the sequel, 4th Edition doesn’t connect with a new era after Part 3, but it does go back a bit in time. It’s a brand new game from zero It is built, but is largely based on Part Two, the most popular version of the series, which is set from the early to late Middle Ages.

It’s a choice we can understand, given the popularity the sequel has to this day, especially among the original Age of Empires fans. A new era will occur after the third part after the American Civil War and then quickly reach the battlefields with tanks. This would make Age of Empires a completely different game than before. Nothing will stop Microsoft and Relic from releasing a sequel like this later, but for now we’re happy with the choice of Medieval. This means that your units start with a bow and arrow and end with hand artillery and guns.

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However, Age of Empires IV is not the second installment in a new guise; It is more than that. He takes the best items from the entire series and combines them with new ones. It has much improved graphics with beautiful landscapes and people play is more diverse than ever. In this review we look at what is different positively and negatively, whether the game in 2021 still looks modern and whether there is enough fun in it for both old and newcomers.