May 24, 2024

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Ajax has the worst defense left in Europe

Ajax has the worst defense left in Europe

Case Quakeman and Kenneth Perez are not at all satisfied with the remaining Ajax defence. At times, the Amsterdam team showed good field play against ExcelsiorBut in the first half the opponent became more dangerous.

“Ajax have the worst defense left in Europe,” said Kwakman. This was the weekend on me ESPN. “They play without a real controller, so there isn’t a single keeper there. Then Alvarez comes in to play in his weakness, which isn’t surprising. Dariush and Azrakan are fast players up front and they’ve escaped that well a few times.

In pictures, Quackman shows how Ajax’s backs – Devin Rench and Owen Wijndahl – have often gone at the same time. He advises to “think about losing the ball from time to time.” So, if we lose the ball, then what? They were very lucky that Excelsior didn’t score more than once before the break, because they had the best chances. The remaining defense of Ajax is simply not in place. In fact, not for months. We’ve also seen it sometimes under Ten Hag.

The former footballer is of the opinion that the current Ajax midfield is also no help in guarding the remaining defence. Stephen Burgess and Kenneth Taylor are not defensive players and according to Cookman that is notable. “You usually have someone there with Alvarez that takes that into account, but if he’s not there and just showing up front…”

Criticism of Perez

Colleague Perez agrees with Quickman’s story. “The residual defense is insane,” he says. Their backs really need to read better when and how high they need to be. Why stand so high, because you make the space too small for everyone. And if you lose the ball, you have to turn back. If you stay a little farther away, you can always dive into space. Now he is losing. It’s about mutual spaces.

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