June 10, 2023

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Aldi employee fights back after being fired for unpaid wrapper of €2.79: ‘I want to prove it wasn’t a huge mistake’ | internal

The former employee is considering going to court to contest her firing, she testifies to Sudinfo. If she takes legal action, she will have to persuade a panel of three judges to decide whether or not her dismissal is justified. “Nothing has been decided yet,” she admits. “I really want to fight, but before I go to court, I’d rather see if there are solutions through unions.” The Christian trade union CNE reacted furiously last week and is totally behind it.

Ludivine has been officially fired for “gross misconduct”. As a result, she was unable to serve the notice period and is also not entitled to severance pay. Because of the situation, she was very anxious and “could no longer sleep at night,” as she said in her testimony earlier. Aldi Belgium thinks differently. The speaker responded last week that “theft is theft”. Ludivine admitted she “made a mistake,” but he didn’t want to say anything “in any way.”

The chapter at Aldi is definitely closed to Ludivine. “I’m not fighting to get back,” she says. “All I want is for this event not to be considered a serious mistake and for me to receive compensation.”

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