May 30, 2024

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Almere Color Guards for USA for World Cup

Almere Color Guards for USA for World Cup

To the USA to show you are a 'small country' to countries around the world: Almere Color Card Association Sensation Performance Group will do its best for the ten days leading up to the World Championship finals.

“This tournament is very important to us as a club,” says Sensation Performance Group spokeswoman Wendy Barning. “Of course America is number one. We really want to be a part of it.

Color Card is a team sport in mixed teams where dances are performed with attributes such as flags, fake guns and batons. It is traditionally intended to enhance the music of a marching band or drum and brass band performance. Sports are especially big in American schools and universities.

The association's top team scored the most points in the Dutch competition. They sent a video of their performance to the American jury. Based on that, they were selected for the competition in Dayton. “It's emotionally challenging to see how high they score,” explains the spokesperson. “The final is on April 13. Then only fifteen teams are allowed to participate.

'Most Beautiful Memories'

On top of that, he says, members will create 'more beautiful memories'. “The club is really your second family. You become the same team. Because you train almost all day for a week at first. You become very close to each other.

Wendy is unsure if the team will win. “Since it's their first time in this class, it's really impossible to judge. But we're hoping to be in the top fifteen.”

Photo: Sense Performance Group