June 24, 2024

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Almost all higher education infected with corona after a work visit in London

Almost all higher education infected with corona after a work visit in London

Almost everyone in a senior position in Flemish education has contracted coronavirus, possibly after a working visit to London.

Education Minister Ben Waits (N-VA), his prime minister, Levin Boye (a big man in Catholic education) and Quinn Pelero (a big man in community education). This is not even the complete list of the best people in the education world who have contracted the coronavirus. The Wits Ministry confirmed that eight of the 12 participants on a study trip to London had contracted the virus.

Whether they actually contracted the virus in London is not 100 per cent certain, but it does appear to be very likely. The London Education Summit was on a working visit to Endowment Education, an institution that conducts educational research and translates findings into classroom practice. Visited last week on March 14th and 15th.

just work (home)

Contagion does not mean that our education is now at a standstill. Nobody shares much, and most of them just work, from home of course. Yesterday, Weyts was only able to come digitally at a press conference about a new campaign – “Teaching Gives All” – to advance the teaching profession. “He was completely asymptomatic,” his spokesman said.

Meanwhile, the number of coronavirus infections continues to rise across Belgium. Between March 9 and 15, an average of 9,055 new infections were detected per day, up 25 percent from the previous seven days. Hospital admissions also rose by 17 percent, at an average of 169 per day.