June 18, 2024

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"Always space for fun things"

“Always space for fun things”

How much money is in your savings account? We order a different Dutch person every week. Because even though we talk more and more about money, we never talk about how much we earn and save. This week: 23-year-old Emma can save more than 1,300 euros a month (but she knows that living at home is an advantage for her).

profession: E-commerce promotions
net income: 2240 €
living situation: I still live with my parents, my new house is being built. So at the end of this year I will be leaving the house.”

Emma Savings Account

Tell me, how much is in your savings account?

“My savings account is currently, rounded up, 50,800 euros.”

Are you happy with the amount saved?

“I’m happy with the amount saved, but I certainly realize that living in the house for a while has contributed to that.”

What are your fixed costs and how much do you save per month?

“In terms of fixed costs, I have a mortgage. This is not the maximum yet because the house is still under construction. I share a mortgage with my friend, so at the moment this is costing me about 450 euros per month. In addition, as fixed costs per month, I have insurance Health € 120, phone subscription € 30, car costs € 95 (insurance and road tax) and other costs (subscriptions, doing fun things, etc.) around € 200. Thus, the total fixed costs are around € 895, which means I save about € 1,345 euros per month. I go on vacation three times a year and sometimes on weekends. These are also somewhat larger cost items, but I don’t include them in my fixed costs.”

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What kind of saver are you and do you have advice for others?

“I’ve divided my savings account into different packages: general (saving for later), clothes, car, home and vacation. Sometimes I take cash out of each receptacle, except in general, if necessary. Tractor savings gives me an overview so you don’t spend much without Awareness So this is my financial advice to everyone. Also, I’m not a person who makes impulse purchases. I think carefully about what to buy, but also where to buy and when (preferably during a promotion, for example). Plus, a tip to take a closer look at discounts Income tax you can use. Think about tuition costs and mortgage interest. I think it speaks for itself for most people, but it’s something you can get a lot of money back from.”

Do you consider yourself good with money?

“I think I’m good with money. I spend my money consciously and always have room for nice things. I have a buffer when I need it and don’t have to worry about money (for now). In addition to my permanent job, I like to do something with a portion of my savings (as a side activity) such as online trading.

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Emma’s Savings Account (23): ‘I Always Have Room for Fun Things’