May 21, 2024

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Alzheimer Café Peelland Tuesday 5 April

Alzheimer Café Peelland Tuesday 5 April

The meeting on March 8 showed that there was a need for an Alzheimer’s Café.

Over thirty interested parties from Deurne, Asten and Someren and dozens of volunteers presented the joy-filled Spiegelzaal at De Beiaard in Asten.

Discussion leader Hanne Dirksen and psychologist Martin Feldman discussed the topic of “misunderstood behavior” before the break and questions from the audience were discussed after the break. All in all, the Alzheimer’s Café meeting aims to: obtain information from an expert and from each other, exchange experiences and, if possible, refer directly to the appropriate institution.

Topic April 5, 2022: From Feeling Wrong to Diagnosing, Then…

The period of doubt and uncertainty ends the day you learn that someone in your family has dementia. For many people, this is a relief and a blow at the same time: You know what’s wrong, but you also know there’s no cure yet. Everyone deals with this differently, but the impact of dementia on life is significant for most people. And not only for people with dementia, but also for a partner, relatives and friends. How open are you about it? How do you tell those around you? How do you deal with your emotions?

Guests are Sonja Verstraeten and Mrs. Raaijmakers, Physicians at Maxima Medical Center.

Alzheimer’s Beland Café Opening
Rob Fritzen

Due to the cancellation of several previously planned substantive meetings due to Corona, the annual program has been changed. For example, the celebration of the fifth anniversary was moved to December. Upcoming meetings are Tuesday, May 3 (topic: Dementia and exercise) and Tuesday, June 7 (topic: From home to nursing home).

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Alzheimer Café Peelland is for people with dementia and their loved ones and interested parties from Asten, Deurne and Someren and takes place on the first Tuesday of the month from 19.30 to 21.00 at Service Center De Beiaard, Pastoor de Kleijnhof 21 in Austin. Check in from 7pm