May 21, 2024

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Amazing numbers!  Two stands cost more in Antwerp than the Ghelamco Arena or Club Brugge’s new stadium

Amazing numbers! Two stands cost more in Antwerp than the Ghelamco Arena or Club Brugge’s new stadium

The new stadium, and especially the whole situation around it, continues to raise the mood. Some additional numbers have now appeared.

Despite winning the title and the Croquet Cup, things did not calm down in Antwerp. The quarrel between Paul Jesens, the head and owner of Antwerp and Tanya Mentgens, the land owner, caused a split among the supporters. the morning Review Glamco’s annual accounts and find some interesting stuff.

Paul Jesens

Under the leadership of Paul Gheysens, Ghelamco has already earned a lot of money from all kinds of construction projects at home and abroad. For the time being, this did not work in Antwerp. Something incomprehensible because he has already pumped 150 million euros into the club. This was successful because not only the club was saved from destruction. He has also managed to win the Croky Cup twice since being promoted to the Jupiler Pro League and playing champion.

Boswell Stadium, revenue model

Bosuil Stadium was completely worn out and needed more than a renovation. For example, two new runways were built. Ghelamco’s annual accounts show that the two huge grandstands it has already built have been estimated by experts from the construction company at €85 million. However, he only invested 21 million euros in the construction of Runway 1, according to Antwerp newspaper. Annual accounts for 2019 indicate that Runway 4 costs only €11.2 million.

For both stands, Antwerp now pays a rent of about €7 million per year for fifteen years. In the long run, that would net him €105m, just for the first two stands.

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Gilamco Arena or the new Club Brugge stadium?

After 15 years, FC Antwerp will pay $105 million for two new wingers. In comparison, the construction of the entire Ghelamco Arena cost €76 million. The budget for the new stadium of Club Brugge is 100 million euros.

Thus, Antwerp will pay an additional 5 million euros for the purchase of two wingers, less than its competitors.

What about the new owner?

As long as Paul Gheysens remains the owner of Antwerp, there is no immediate problem. Then there is the pocket-to-pocket process with the existing lease building. If he sells the club, this will have to be paid by the new owner and this will also be at the expense of the club’s operating resources.