May 30, 2024

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America captivated by 'Great American Eclipse': Millions of viewers expected

America captivated by 'Great American Eclipse': Millions of viewers expected

Spectators at the 2023 partial solar eclipse in Brazil

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  • Ivo Landman

    Teacher Online

  • Ivo Landman

    Teacher Online

Part of the United States has been covered for weeks: Tomorrow's total solar eclipse will be visible in the skies over parts of Mexico, the United States and Canada. A total solar eclipse like this doesn't happen often, so eclipse glasses are hard to come by and some fear traffic chaos.

The Great American Eclipse It has been mentioned on American news sites, sometimes even Eclipse of the century – Solar eclipse of the century. About 44 million people live in the area where the total eclipse is visible.

Places where solar eclipse can be seen

That claim is hard to verify, but an exaggeration none the less. Scientists warn that traffic accidents are on the rise. In 2017, when about 20 million people went to watch the sun set in the United States, there were more collisions than during any previous solar eclipse, according to a study. study.

Emotions run high in some places. In Oklahoma, the National Guard is on standby to ensure the safety of the public and some residents Stockpile of food, water and petrol Fear of traffic jams.

They also anticipate a veritable invasion of eclipse chasers at Niagara Falls on the US-Canadian border. A state of emergency has even been declared in Canada:

Niagara Falls expects record tourist numbers: 'Proud moment for us'

“We go as far south as possible because there's a better chance of good weather,” he explains. “In 2017, traffic jams and jams were also expected, so we left the hotel early. We had to cross a highway and we thought it would be completely stuck there. But when we got there, it was completely deserted.”

In cities like Dallas, the astronomical event can cause more disruption. “But I don't expect that in the countryside.”

Total solar eclipses are not very rare. If you like to travel, you can travel every few years. “But you have to be in the right place. In the Netherlands we haven't experienced one since the 18th century, and the next one will only be here in the 22nd century.”

A total solar eclipse will be worth the trip, Mathlener believes. “Some people say a partial eclipse is beautiful, but even though it's 95 percent dark, it still doesn't compare to a total eclipse. It's really magical. You see the shadow of the eclipse approaching, and then it's dark. You see the Sun's corona, but you also see bright stars and planets. “

Photography is not easy

Mathlenor has essential eclipse glasses to protect your eyes just before and after the eclipse. In recent days there has been a lot of hype about 'fake' glasses being sold in the US. “Most have tested well, but there are some bad ones from rogue companies. It's best to test the glasses beforehand under bright light during the day.”

Mathlener takes a camera with him to capture the eclipse, but it's not easy. “You have to know exactly what exposure times you're using. And you only have a few minutes. It's better not to spend too much time photographing and enjoying it.”