May 21, 2024

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America, Joe Biden has collapsed in elections: worse than Obama and Trump

The first six months Joe Biden They went so bad. Recent satisfaction polls say so. In terms of numbers, the president’s reputation seems to be faltering: not only are they worse than his former boss Barack Obama But that Donald Trump.

According to Gallup, the current president’s approval rating is down six points in July: the lowest since the beginning of his term, reaching 50% compared to 56% in June. Instead, the percentage of Americans who refuse his job rises to 45%, 5% undecided.

There is certainly a stumbling block ahead of the vaccination campaign to weigh the verdict: the percentage of Americans who have received at least one dose is over 55%. Some time ago, Biden’s promise was aimed at 70% of Americans with at least one dose by July 4, Independence Day.

Even the latest Rasmussen report released in these hours indicates that Biden is less desirable than his predecessors: six months later only 51% of voters have a positive opinion of the president, compared to 52% of Trump and 55% of Obama.

Despite a strong economic recovery, the president is also paying higher living expenses due to inflation, which has not been seen for many years, and in June it recorded + 5.4% year-on-year, never rising since 2008. On the foreign policy front, the results are even lower, with the only real decision being the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, which is beyond some doubt in public opinion.

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