May 31, 2024

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America with basketball stars like James and Curry

America with basketball stars like James and Curry

LeBron James

NOS game

USA basketball's selection for this summer's Olympic Games in Paris is almost complete. The world's biggest basketball nation sends an experienced team full of stars. Eleven of the twelve spots are now filled by national coach Steve Kerr.

Cameroon-born Joel Embiid, voted NBA Most Valuable Player (MVP) last year, is joined by two-time MVP Stephen Curry.

The star players during the All-Star game were James and Curry

It goes without saying that the United States will send the strongest possible team to the Games. The country's biggest stars regularly skip matches with the national team. For example, James hasn't competed in the Games since 2012 and Curry never has.

So now both of them are going to Paris. That means two superstars, coincidentally born in the same hospital in Ohio, will showcase their talents for the first time on the US national team.


The US is seeking compensation from the Games for last year's dramatic World Cup. There, the American team, without many of the NBA's star players, was eliminated in the semifinals.

Sports are usually prey for America. Of the twenty times the sport has been practiced at the Summer Games, sixteen times the gold medal has gone to Team USA.

Kevin Durant, who is competing again this year, won three gold medals. This summer he will become the first basketball player with four Olympic gold medals.