March 2, 2024

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American elections.  US President Joe Biden launches Tik Tok ahead of election

American elections. US President Joe Biden launches Tik Tok ahead of election

Donald Trump won a landslide victory in the Nevada caucuses on Thursday. The former president secured 96.6 percent of the vote.

Earlier this week, the state also held primary elections, known as 'primaries'. The complex system, which sows confusion among voters, is due to disagreements between Nevada officials and the Republican Party. Nevada chose to change its election system in 2021, replacing the traditional caucus with a primary, allowing voting by mail.

That primary was enshrined in law, but Republicans in Nevada disagreed and went to court. Ultimately, the case was dropped because the Republican Party branch was given the OK to organize one more meeting, as long as it had a primary committee.

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As a result, two separate Republican primaries took place this week: a state-mandated primary on February 6 and a local party-organized caucus on February 8. Because the local party branch decides where the 26 delegates to be earned are at stake, they are awarded in caucuses. Additionally, the local Republican Party decided that candidates could only participate in one of two ballot boxes.

Trump's only remaining significant opponent, Nikki Haley, ran in the primary. But she could not win. For example, there were more votes for the 'no candidate' (61 percent) than for Haley (32 percent), official results show.

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