June 14, 2024

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‘Americans get third corona jab from September’

The booster shot with the corona vaccine should better protect Americans from the delta variant of corona virus infection. Only that third round of injection can meet the criticism of the World Health Organization.

Eight months after the second dose of the corona virus vaccine, Biden management is finalizing a plan to give everyone in the United States a third shot. The news agency Bloomberg and the New York Times report based on conversations with insiders. The official announcement may come this week.

The World Health Organization does not want booster shots in rich countries to be enough to vaccinate poor countries.

Care providers and residents of residential care centers – who were first vaccinated at the beginning of the vaccination campaign – are the ones who most quickly qualified for the third round of vaccination. Then the wider population is followed.

The third shot is given with the same vaccine as the first two doses. In the United States, the lion’s share of the population has been shot by the Pfizer or Modern vaccine. There is still some uncertainty about Johnson & Johnson because the vaccine was only approved in February. J&J-Boke Americans can only get a booster shot at the end of October, thus respecting the eight-month grace period.

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Booster Shot aims to give a new look to the vaccine campaign in the United States. Although it is difficult to find the weapons that President Joe Biden wants, the contagious corona variant is easily spread. In contrast to the large increase in the number of positive corona cases, there is only a relatively small increase in the number of vaccines. What The Promised ‘Summer of Happiness’ Should be, so it has become the fourth corona wave threatening to affect the US economy.

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However, the third injection administration did not escape criticism. The World Health Organization has called on rich countries to wait until the end of September Give priority to poor countries. To keep the infection behind us, it is important to fully vaccinate as many people as possible. However, many governments prefer to avoid criticism if donated vaccines are needed to optimally protect the elderly and at-risk patients.

In addition to the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany have already announced that they will launch booster vaccines from September. Israel is now even beginning to lend a hand Third dose for over 50s. In our country, the knot will soon be cut.