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Amsterdam, the most famous reporter who died in ambush in the center – Corriere.it

An ambush in the center, in front of the eyes of incredible passersby. One of the most famous intelligence journalists in the Netherlands was seriously injured in Amsterdam last night. 64-year-old Peter R. De Vries was a regular guest on a TV show, someone was walking on Lange Leitzwerstrod Shot him four or five times. In one video we see a lifeless reporter on the ground with blood coming out of his head. Then rush to the hospital.

His condition is so bad – says Vincent Verghese, a colleague who works at the crime site – that we are shocked. In recent years, Peter has left investigative journalism and now works with his son at a law firm. Recently, In the Marengo trial against the Macro Mafia (Crimes organized between the next generation Netherlands and Belgium), played a role Counsel for the Repentant, Nabil Bakgali.

According to rumors, police may have already made an arrest. In the meantime Prime Minister Mark Rutte Justice Minister Ferdinand Gropperhouse traveled to the National Security and Anti-Terrorism Organization (NCTV) in The Hague for a summit on the situation.

De Vries has followed hundreds of lawsuits and status in his life Threatened several times by the underworld: In 2019 he tweeted that he had been declared by authorities to be the target of a fugitive offender.

In 2013, Willem Holder, the leader of the Heineken kidnapping, was convicted of making threats against a journalist. The man is currently serving a life sentence for complicity in five murders. Ridowan Taki, who is currently on trial for murder in 2019, has publicly denied the allegations The news that De Vries had received death threats.

But the most convincing clue in these first hours Macro Mafia. In 2019, lawyer Derk Weirsam, who defended Bakali, was killed along with his brother – Verweez explains -. Marcello Torre was assassinated on the orders of Rafael Catolo, as happened in Naples in 1980.

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