April 23, 2024

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“An unlikely development in the Club Brugge stadium file”

“An unlikely development in the Club Brugge stadium file”

At Club Brugge, the focus is currently on next Wednesday's crucial cup tie against Union SG. Meanwhile, work is also underway behind the scenes on the long-awaited new stadium. This case has taken a striking turn.

It's no secret that the multiple national champion wants to build a new football temple as quickly as possible. Concrete plans have been made about this since 2006. But due to all kinds of protests or lack of permits, these plans never worked.

The current plan to build a new stadium on the Jan Breidel site also still faces opposition. A number of local residents and other stakeholders have questions about the mobility plan and the expected parking inconvenience. Thus, the placement of the first stone continues to be postponed.

The appeal was successful

About a year ago, the club saw its environmental permit revoked by the Permit Disputes Board. An amended file has now been submitted to obtain a new permit. But in the meantime, appeal procedures have also begun against the decision to withdraw the first permit.

The appeal proceedings were clearly successful. “We are now hearing that the hearing officer, who advises the judge, agrees with us and believes the Permit Disputes Board has gone too far,” says Frankie Damon, a local councilor in Bruges. “So the advice is to set the ruling aside.” Spatial planning system, in The newspaper.

Two statements coming soon

So there is a possibility that the club will still get his first permit. Meanwhile, procedures for obtaining a second permit are also underway based on the revised plans. For the same amount of money, Blauw-Zwart will soon receive two environmental permits. Although objections have now also been made to this second statement. The legal battle is far from over, but the auditor's advice is actually a big boost for the multiple national champion.

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