May 21, 2024

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Anderlecht laat punten liggen bij OH Leuven en laat na druk op te voeren op Club Brugge en Antwerp

Anderlecht leave points in OH Leuven and fail to increase pressure on Club Brugge and Antwerp

Anderlecht did not go beyond a 0-0 tie at Ohio Leuven. However, there were few chances, but especially Hendrik van Kromburg played a strong match. Because of the draw, Anderlecht could see AA Gent approach three points on Sunday. In the end, both Murillo and coach Kompany received a red card. The game was halted for half an hour when an OHL fan became unwell and had to be revived. According to the latest reports, the fan was conscious when he was taken to the hospital.

It was frighteningly quiet in Den Drive around the eighteenth minute. A Leuven fan fell ill and was resuscitated for minutes in the stands, with the help of medical staff from both OHL and Anderlecht. After a good 25 minutes, the fan – who was conscious according to the latest reports – was taken to hospital and both teams could start playing football again.

Football went well in the first fifteen minutes. Anderlecht needed the excellent Hendrik van Kromburg to keep his side straight at the start of the match: first he saved an unconventional attempt by breaking Martins with his header, and soon afterwards he was cornered with a header by Cenk Ozkakar. .

Anderlecht’s reaction was not far off: Sergio Gomez tried from outside the box, but his ball hit the post. Kouamé shot in the pass.

Photo: BELGA

Target not allowed

The match went well back and forth – at times it felt like a basketball game going from attack to attack. Purple & White started to have a bit of control on the ball and Refaelov and Verschaeren missed a few small chances. At one point, Zeno Dibast saw that the moment had come: he dribbled the ball about forty meters, but Zirkzee could not finish the rush.

Anderlecht deserved a goal, and it looked like it happened: Ronarsson stopped another shot from Zirkzee, and Vershatteren worked inside. However, the goal was rightly disallowed for offside on the advice of the VAR. However, Purple & White had to stay alert for the sharp Leuven counters. The people of Leuven often created a surplus, but the last scroll did not come out.

Strong Van Cromburg

After the break, the OHL team once again dominated the match, thanks in part to a powerful Mandela Keita: Mertens had the chance to score twice, but he fired recklessly. Van Cromburg definitely had more to do than last weekend against Genk. The Anderlecht goalkeeper also saved a shot from De Nouri.

The guests barely intervened after the break, but it was almost 0-1: Murillo put the ball back perfectly and Kwame kicked the second time in the match recklessly. Zirkzee was no longer standing between the lines, just as in recent weeks Raman came to rest him in the watch.

This was a signal to continue Anderlecht. OHL seemed content on one point and Anderlecht got half the chances via Ait El Hadj and Raman, but the win was always slim against Ronarsson with the same strength. The dolls went dancing in the lock for a while: Murillo took his second yellow card after stepping on the Anderlecht bench. Very contrary to the will of Vincent Kompany, who received two yellow cards from referee Eric Lambrechts in the same number of seconds and therefore red.

For Anderlecht, this tie is a missed opportunity after Union and Key lost points in Michelin earlier. And since Antwerp and FC Brugge are still playing each other tomorrow, AA Gent could become the winner on match day around 8.15pm tomorrow night.

Anderlecht leave points in OH Leuven and fail to increase pressure on Club Brugge and Antwerp

Photo: BELGA

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