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Anderlecht Online - Zerkazy turns his early disability into a victory (August 15, 21)

Anderlecht Online – Zerkazy turns his early disability into a victory (August 15, 21)

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Sunday, August 15, 2021, 20:37 – TCV

matches Joshua Zirkzee scored his first goals for Anderlecht. Purple and White quickly fell back, but Zirkzee found his way into goal twice before halftime. Circle played bravely and tried to equalize after the break, but Anderlecht held on. In the end, he had the biggest and best chances after the break, but Didilon in particular didn’t allow Amozu to lead 1-3.

The kickoff was barely given when Circle was already in front. It’s possible that the right wing had already calmed down to sleep next to the sunny bar and Deman had plenty of time to turn around and shoot low. But Anderlecht regained his balance after a minute. Zirkzee headed towards the goal, but the ball was still blocked. In the ensuing corner, Raman was unable to control the ball at the far post. Anderlecht had to continue chasing Tintin and following him, Gomez launched a missile at the moon. Moments later, the Spaniard fared much better and scored the equalizer. Anderlecht took advantage of the space, and through Raman and Rafailov, Gomez sent Zerkezi who scored his first goal centrally.

Cercle hasn’t played unkindly at times and blended in seamlessly. However, he was unable to take advantage of the opportunity after 1-0. Raman got a chance to give Purple & White the lead on a long ball from Van Crombrugge, but former Anderlecht goalkeeper Didillon extended his arm. The lead came half an hour ago. Zirkzee shot from long range and the ball deflected briefly until the leather in the goal over Didilon disappeared. Little luck for the Dutchman, but those who don’t dare win either. The last fifteen minutes did not result in any great chances.

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After the break, Circle reacted first. Vetinho ran from his side and Murillo managed to take a corner. Van Crombrugge had to be attentive to the low blast from Vanhoutte. Anderlecht suffered a huge loss of the ball and left Serkl to go often. Kompany brought Ashimeru for the somewhat invisible Verschaeren. But the Ghanaian was not paying attention and Circle was able to play dangerously. Delcroix had to help his goalkeeper on the goal line.

Twenty minutes before the end, Didilon quickly passed under a ball outside the penalty area. Raman managed to advance directly to the goal, but he hit the post. Maybe running was a better option after all? Under the impulse of substitute Amozo, Anderlecht was able to fall back again. Amozo managed to threaten a few times, but Didilon made some excellent saves. Circle obviously tried to equalize, and as in the entire second half, he showed a lot of goodwill. At the last moment Didilon saved another attempt from Amozo. This time it was a well-placed free kick.

After an early deficit, Anderlecht was able to rectify the situation before the end of the first half. After the break Anderlecht seemed to lose control of the match for a while, but Circle’s fortunes only resulted in a massive opportunity that Delcroix kept off the line. After the introduction of Amuzu, the tide turned. Cercle’s candle seemed extinguished, and Amuzu managed to extinguish dangerously several times. However, Didilon was an excellent goalkeeper and so the result of the first half remained on the board. Thus, Anderlecht deserved its second win in a row. She had much more chances than Circle, who kept fighting.

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a result: 1-2
Objective(s): 1-0 Deman (1 minute), 1-1 Zarkazy (13 minutes), 1-2 Zarkazy (28 minutes)

Bruges:Didilon, Popovic, Utkus, Corin (Ru-Yao 80′), Vitino, Lopez (Wanderbruggen 74′), Vanhout, Vilkowski, Hotek (Milan 57′), Deman (Dinke 74′), Sampers (Rubio 57′)
Anderlecht:Van Cromburg, Murillo, Hoedt, Delcroix, Gomez, Cullen, Olsson, Refaelov (Amuzu 73′), Verschaeren (Ashimeru 65′), Raman (Kiese Thelin 74′), Zirkzee (Harwood-Bellis 85′)

yellow: Utkus (19′), blonde (92+2′)

Rule: Jasper Vergot
Playground: Jan Briddle Stadium

Source: © Own editors

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